Caterham Boarders Support the Altevette Project

Caterham Boarders Support the Altevette Project

Saturday 8 May was perfect for Beech Hanger’s long-awaited 12 Bridges sponsored jog/walk to raise money for the Altevette Project which provides boarding education for girls in Upper Mustang high up in the Himalayas. 

Our happy band arrived at Battersea Bridge to begin the 15km course, crisscrossing the Thames at each bridge, enjoying the sun, sights and cooling breezes. 

The joggers set off at a pace…while the walkers, although not meandering, chose a slightly less exhausting speed, taking in the sights as they went. 

The joggers arrived at the final iconic destination first, to enjoy a well-deserved ice cream…followed a little while later by the walkers. 

The total amount raised was an astounding £911, way beyond our wildest dreams.  

A heartfelt and authentic Thank You to all who took part and to all who sponsored this wonderful group. 

I am still bouncing with joy! 

Elisabeth Gibbs 

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