CCF Ex Overhill, 10 Jun 2021

CCF Ex Overhill, 10 Jun 2021

Just four days after return from exercise with 60 Third Year recruits, Corps’ Army Section was back out in the field, this time with the Fifth Year JNCO Cadre. Two sections of would-be cadet instructors worked tremendously hard through a sweltering day, revising core fieldcraft and weapon handling before embarking on a gruelling by exhilarating fire and movement and section attack lane. The afternoon saw the future of the Army Section’s leadership team conducting recce patrols to gain intelligence for an ambush, which was sprung with ruthless efficiency to close a sweaty, demanding but very enjoyable day. Those cadets who earned promotion to Lance Corporal at the conclusion of the exercise amply deserve their stripe and now prepare to take on new roles with Corps when the new academic year comes around.



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