CCF Flying Day

CCF Flying Day

After a two hour journey to RAF Benson, we went straight to get our flying suits fitted. The weather looked perfect for a day’s flying over the green and pleasant land of Oxfordshire. We then went to the crew room for the briefing and run through of the escape routine, which involved jettisoning the canopy of the cockpit and jumping out of the aircraft ready to activate our parachutes.

First up were the cadets who hadn’t flown before, while two of us – including myself – were selected to be escorts, taking cadets to and from the aircraft. After sometime, we were replaced so we could get ready to fly ourselves. With a parachute and helmet fitted, it wasn’t long before I was being escorted to the aircraft (Grob G 115) myself.

As my pilot and I took off, we ascended quickly so that I could take the controls. As I was taking my bronze wings qualification, I had to perform manoeuvres such as medium turns, maintaining stability as well as approach and landing. Unfortunately, the instructor was not qualified enough to let me fly below 1000 feet, so landing would have to wait for another day. The rest of the cadets experienced a broad range of aerobatics, and everyone had stunning views of the countryside below them.

Many thanks to Flying Officer Arrol-Barker and Major Taylor for taking us on the flying day.

Cpl Jack Warr

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