CCF – RAF Flying Day

CCF – RAF Flying Day

After a two-hour journey to RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, the cadets went straight to get their flying suits fitted. The weather was looking questionable; however, all of the cadets were in good spirits and we were glad the flying was still on. First, the cadets went to the crew room for the briefing and run through of the escape routine which involved jettisoning the canopy of the cockpit and jumping out of the aircraft ready to activate parachutes.

Once the safety briefings were complete two of the cadets were selected to be escorts, which involves taking cadets to and from the aircraft. With a parachute and helmet fitted, it wasn’t long before the final cadet was being escorted to the aircraft (Grob G 115).

Despite the dreary weather all of the cadets managed to fly with Cpl Jack Warr whilst he completed his bronze wings training. Many congratulations to him! All cadets reportedly enjoyed their flights.

90 minutes later and after battling the M25 traffic, the final flying day of this academic year was complete and all the cadets returned safely to Caterham. Many thanks go to Plt Off Bovet-White for his assistance on the day and also to the cadets for their exemplary behaviour. Our next flying day will be Wednesday 18 September 2019.

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