CCF Recruits Fieldcraft Assessment Day

CCF Recruits Fieldcraft Assessment Day

Third Year Army recruits undertake training in the Army Proficiency Certificate (Basic) throughout their first year with Corps. At the heart of this syllabus is fieldcraft – operating as a rifleman in an infantry section in the field. Six months of training was put to the test on a chilly Sunday in March as the recruits made for Pippingford Park.

The cadets conducted patrols, demonstrating their competence in various formations and crossing obstacles, before being assessed on their ability to live in the field, erecting two-person shelters and cooking a hot meal from ration packs. Their final assessment gave them their first chance to fire the rifle with blank ammunition, working in pairs to suppress the enemy and advance or withdraw in contact.

The young Army cadets performed admirably, and all passed the assessment with flying colours.

Capt Mathew Owen

OC Army Section

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