Christmas in the Concourse!

Christmas in the Concourse!

Pupils may have noticed a few Christmas trees and activities popping up in the concourse over the past few days.  There are a range of trees to recognise and celebrate our diverse communities, encouraging pupils to consider different perspectives and experiences at this time of year. 

1)         We are supporting the Great Ormond Street Christmas appeal at the suggestion of one of our First Year pupils.  All pupils have been sent information about suggested donations.  We would love to send an impressive pile of gifts to GOSH at the end of term, so please do keep sending in your donations!

2)         Our first tree encourages pupils to think of those in war and conflict this winter.  Pupils are encouraged to hang a feather on the tree to acknowledge Refugee communities or people displaced by war.  It is fabulous to see so many blue and yellow feathers to represent our Ukrainian community, but also a wide range of other colours to acknowledge refugee populations across the world.

3)         Our Tree of Remembrance gives staff and pupils the opportunity to acknowledge people they will miss this Christmas.  Pupils are invited to write a message or name on a colourful card and add this to the tree. 

4)         Our undecorated tree is to acknowledge people who will be going without this Christmas.  This is a growing tree and will be donated to the food bank when term ends. 

5)         A menorah has been placed alongside the Christmas tree in our entrance hall to acknowledge the significance of Hanukkah to our Jewish community.   Important information about this festival is available for pupils to read. 

6)         Thank you candy canes!  Pupils are invited to write a message of thanks to a member of staff within the school.  They will not only be rewarded with a fabulous message of thanks, but also a bonus candy cane!

7)         We are encouraging pupils to consider ways to make Christmas sustainable by making angels out of recycled books.  These are proving an eye-catching way to decorate our final tree!

It is fantastic to see our pupils collectively thinking of others and using their creative talents to decorate our trees.

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