Class of 2023-24 Boarders Move In!

Class of 2023-24 Boarders Move In!

Boarding is back with a bang as our Class of 2023/24 Boarders descended into our three houses: Viney, Townsend and Beech Hanger. Not only were the pupils greeted with new common rooms and kitchens, but with some new staff members too! We are very excited to be joined by Mrs Isaacs, our new Head of Beech Hanger House, and congratulations to Mr Taylor who is now our Head of Townsend. A warm welcome for Mrs Salem who joins our extraordinary matron team, too. 

The first weekend of the year is always a jam-packed activities weekend, allowing the pupils to jump in and get to know each other! We continued our enrichment day well into Friday evening with a Sixth form team building social. The weather continued to be kind to us as we made our way to Saturday fixtures with many of the girls trying out lacrosse for the first time (I’m feeling positive about house games already) followed by a trip out to bowling, sports on the fields, and a giant picnic on Sunday sprawling out until the sunset. 

A huge thank you to all of our boarding staff, catering team and the wider community who help make these events happen. To our new boarders – study hard, play harder and welcome to Caterham! 

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