Winter Production: Pupils Bring Dickens’ Classic to Life

Winter Production: Pupils Bring Dickens’ Classic to Life

A Dickens’ classic is brought to life by Caterham drama students in our David Copperfield senior production this week.

Over 50 performers, from Third Year to Upper Sixth, invited an impressed audience into the fictional world of the Murdstones, the Yarmouth boat house, Salem House School, Murdstone and Grinby’s bottle factory and Wickfield’s law firm. The standard of acting and ensemble work was superb, with carefully considered, energetic and professional performances throughout. 

The Yarmouth women lead us through 48 scenes, as we follow David’s typically Dickensian losses, unhappiness, challenges, until a happy future emerges!  Peggotty (Katie Colquitt) led us into the play with energy and warmth, establishing the warm world of her Yarmouth family. Arjun Bisla gave an outstanding performance as Peggotty’s brother, Dan, with authentic Norfolk accent and superb characterisation. 

The harsh Murdstones were portrayed frighteningly well by Tom Larsson and Emelie Speak.  Contrasting their rigid world, the crazy lives of the Micawber’s filled the stage with colour and chaos.  Mrs Micawber’s (Charlotte Cross/ Keya Desai) squeals of ‘I will never desert you ……’ were met with equally passionate responses from Micawber (Ryan Ma/ Ed Statham). Aunt Betsey brought further eccentricity to the stage, with exceptional performances from Jessica Lewis and Rosie Home. Agnes, performed sensitively by Christy Bennett and Amelia Watson, brought a sense of hope and friendship. Ross Furley-Smith’s portrayal of Uriah Heep was exceptional. His characterisation chilled the audience as deceived and schemed, ultimately leading to his own downfall. 

The role of Little David was played by Josh Sabin and Will Pye. Both actors achieved outstanding performances, creating an incredible connection with the audience as they brought this iconic role to life. 

Special congratulations must go out to Seb Kensey who played the lead role of David Copperfield. He gave an exceptionally mature performance, leading all action with energy and purpose and showing incredible awareness of the range of characters he interacted with. 

The ensemble in this production were incredibly strong, transforming themselves from fishermen to factory workers to school boys …. And countless other characters.  They brought the stage to life, with each individual character carefully considered and performed. 

The production is professionally supported by an entirely pupil-led team of 15 technical and backstage crew, who ensure the production runs smoothly and that the audience is further drawn into the world of the play through carefully researched props, atmospheric lighting and sound. Scenes are changed in seconds and props seemingly produced from nowhere, sound effects and lighting changes seamlessly merge!

The cast and crew can all be proud of this memorable production. Every pupil involved has contributed to its success. 

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