Dazzling Displays at the Piano Recital

Dazzling Displays at the Piano Recital

Talented p
upils ranging from First Year to the Upper Sixth performed an eclectic repertoire at this year’s Piano Recital in the beautiful Wilberforce Hall.  

The evening commenced with a rampant performance of Schubert’s famous piano duet, Marches Militaires with Ethan G and Rodney L (Fourth Year) performing. Both Ethan and Rodney are new to the school and have only been working together as a duet partnership for a matter of weeks. Ferdinand C (Upper Sixth) is a regular in the music department and can be heard practicing piano. He is mostly self-taught and his performance of Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag was full of energy and drive and he managed to capture the playful character of the piece brilliantly.  

Mathilde G (Third Year) performed Moonbeams by Arens. She performed with real sensitivity and lyricism throughout with wonderful voicing of the melodic lines. Annah M (First Year) gave her debut piano performance in the school, performing Einaudi’s I Giorni. She managed to play with fluidity and it was wonderful to see her perform with a beaming smile on her face. Tijmen P (Second Year) gave an energetic performance of Bullard’s Disco Baroque, his dynamic variety and energetic drive in this piece was superb.  

Cindy C (Third Year) performed a stunning piece, Summer by Haisaishi. Cindy’s opening was immaculate, with excellent clarity with the staccato articulation. A really beautiful piece of music. This was followed by Scena da Balletto, Chaminade, which was performed by Franchesca C (Fourth Year). Her performance was refined and she managed to capture the Viennese-esq style throughout, with excellent attention to detail.  

Ethan G (Third Year) performed the lyrical masterpiece, Nocturne in C# minor, Chopin. From the very start with the opening chorale idea, he had the audience on edge. He performed with a mature understanding of the lyricism and sensitivity that this piece demands. Alice H (Fifth Year) performed Chopin’s Mazurka in G minor with melancholy and expressive character, and really brought out the intricate phrasing of this wonderful piece. Annie L (Third Year) performed the final piece by Chopin, Waltz in C# minor. Her excellent finger work in the expressive runs and the energy that she demonstrated throughout was superb.  

Mikako S (Fourth Year) gave her interpretation of Brahms’ Rhapsody in G minor; a piece that requires virtuosic hand-crossing and a grand sound. Mikako was able to achieve the rich tone that Brahms’ music is so renowned for. Rodney L (Third Year) then gave a sublime performance of Schubert’s Impromptu in Eb minor. He performed with dexterous mastery and demonstrated a mature understanding of the stylistic demands of the piece. I must commend Rodney for managing to achieve such a grand sound in the dramatic middle section of the piece – to create such a warm yet rich sound whilst maintaining such accuracy shows the vast potential that Rodney has at his grasp.  

The concert concluded with an original composition by Raife N (Upper Sixth), who has received numerous offers to study at top British conservatoires. Raife has a natural ability to compose with harmonic sophistication and dramatic flair. This piece definitely did not disappoint. The opening section contained wonderfully complex chords and subtle phrasing, which developed into a formidable, dramatic explosion of chordal, pianistic ecstasy.  

The concert was a celebration of the pianistic talents here at Caterham School, and all performers must be commended for their wonderful performances. 

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