Design & Technology from September

Design & Technology from September

This week saw the unveiling of this year’s GCSE option choices and those interested in GCSE 3D will note a very distinct change….3D has now been superseded by GCSE Design & Technology.  For many this title will be very familiar and pupils within the Third Year have been taught a D&T based provision since starting Caterham.   

Whilst 3D focuses on contexts and themes which underpin its foundations an Art and Design subject, the landscape continues to change and the rigour of Design & Technology is recommended to best meet the needs of pupils and the future of the creative, construction, engineering and design sectors into which they may choose to go.  

Design & Technology underwent a major overhaul during a recent nationwide curriculum review with the likes of James Dyson, Terence Conran and Dick Powell coming to its aid when the subject looked under threat.   

Design & Technology teaches how to take risks and so become more resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable. Pupils develop a critical understanding of the impact of design and technology on daily life and the wider world. Additionally, it provides excellent opportunities for pupils to develop and apply value judgements of an aesthetic, economic, moral, social, and technical nature both in their own designing, making and when evaluating the work of others. 

As a result of the development of the subject, the department now hosts a range of cutting-edge technologies including 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC routing and plasma cutting. The use of these technologies is underpinned by training the pupils in the basic techniques and skills of design and realisation, so that they can make full use of the technology available to work with all types of compliant and resistant materials. To enable this, the school has a full complement of hand tools both manual and powered, woodworking machinery, metal fabrication, welding equipment and lathes along with the associated dust and fume extraction equipment to meet modern standards.  

As from September, the department will be titled Design & Technology with D&T being taught from First Year right through to Sixth Form. Current Fourth Year pupils will be the last to finish their 3D course in 2022.  Any pupil considering a career path in a design, engineering or creative field should strongly consider D&T.   

At its very heart, D&T offers opportunities to problem solve and develop perseverance when working in unfamiliar contexts which is transferable in any field.   

Simon Taylor 

Head of 3D (D&T from September 2021) 

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