Dr Simon Sleight Talks Culture

Dr Simon Sleight Talks Culture

On the evening of 14 December, Dr. Simon Sleight from King’s College London gave an insightful talk about Urban Youth Cultures in Australia after the Cold War period to a selection of pupils in the Humphrey’s Theatre. This involved students, subcultures and everyday life after the Cold War period. There was a lot about fashion and the comparison between leisure time in the past and the present. I found the focus on ‘bodgie’ and ‘widgie’ youth culture particularly interesting, as it also examined the increase in spending leisure time dancing and partying. Dr Sleight then answered some questions regarding the economic, political and social changes that shaped, or were shaped by, these new and often rebellious movements.

Many thanks to Dr Sleight for coming and giving such an exciting talk, as well as Mr. Hosking and Dr. Garber for organising such an enjoyable evening. 

Annie L & Narayan M (Third Year)

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