Edinburgh Fringe: And Then There’s Me…

Edinburgh Fringe: And Then There’s Me…

Caterham performers have just returned from their second successful visit to the Edinburgh Fringe, inspired by incredible theatre and proud of their achievements in this competitive platform.  It’s the biggest arts festival in the world, so an exciting variety of over 3500 shows from 55 countries, so our pupils need to use all their creative and communication skills to make their show stand out!

This year we performed a piece of original writing focusing on the important theme of mental health. We created a play celebrating difference and individuality called And Then There’s Me….. which required the cast to perform in a range of styles, work together as a tight ensemble and portray a range of characters. They achieved all these things brilliantly!

The pupils leafleted and performed tirelessly on the packed Royal Mile, entertaining the crowds with spontaneous performances and music. I was impressed to see how they developed their marketing, confidence and communication skills as the week progressed. 

Our actors learnt so much from interacting with other companies and professionals. Resilience, confidence and communication skills quickly develop when faced with the competition of other companies. The experience of working together as a theatre company, taking shared responsibility for the success of the show was invaluable. This is a real-life experience of team work as they take the production through from concept to performance. The creative skills gained through this process will support any future career path they choose. One pupil this year said, “The feel of being at the Fringe with so many other theatre groups, amateur and professional, was unforgettable and incredible”.

A massive thank you to all staff and parents who joined us leafleting on the Mile!

Louise Fahey

Head of Drama and Theatre

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