English Schools’ Athletic Association Track and Field Cup Round 1

English Schools’ Athletic Association Track and Field Cup Round 1

Junior Boys

The enthusiasm and excitement for the first competitive meet of the season was tangible on the trip down to Guildford Spectrum Athletics Track. This was the first time for many that the opportunity to run on a tartan athletics track had arisen and the team did not disappoint. The junior team worked tremendously hard in a bid to score as many points as possible by running the quickest times and securing the furthest distances in the 13 athletic disciplines.

Highlights include Luke’s 300m with a time of 43.80s earning the team 19 points for that single event and in the process breaking Caterham’s co-ed school record. Aaron earning the team an impressive 23 points in the 200m with a time of 25.80s. Harry shot putting a distance of 9.85m earning 19 points.

Boys through to Grand National Final

The Inter Boys team comprised of Fourth and Fifth Year athletes, brought their talents together to secure a place at the Track and Field Cup Regional Final. Their efforts in training beginning to bear fruits at this very competitive meet.

High scoring performances from Oliver: 19 points for his 100m; Enzo, 18 points for his discus throw with a distance of 26.95m; Gabes securing the team 19 points for his high jump effort registering a height of 1.59m and Jonny’s 32 Point haul, 21 of those coming from the shot put alone, with a distance of 11.53m; 14 of them in the 800m. Finlay, amassing 34 points, was the stand-out performer. 20 points for his javelin throw with a distance of 39.14, and 14 points for his 100m.

The team now moves on to Crawley’s K2 Arena where a further 20 teams await, all vying for a place at the Grand National Final in July.

Girls Secure Place at Regional Final

The Junior girls had an outstanding day competing in the ESAA Track and Field Cup and through their efforts were awarded a space at the Track and Field Cup Regional B Final on Wednesday 20 June. This was largely due to the confidence and dedication shown by the U13 veterans and the bravery of the new U12 athletes who were not phased competing against older competitors.

The top performance of the day was by Genevieve who earned 22 points with her 5.19.3s 1500m. Grace had the best combined total of 36 points, securing 21 points in the 800m with a time of 2.40s and 15 points in the high jump by reaching 1.23m. Other high scoring performances were seen by Sophie who earned 33 points in the hurdles and long jump, Mina with 31 points in the 100m and high jump, Sonya who recorded 31 points in the shot put and relay and finally Lucy who earned 30 points in the 200m and javelin in her first outing with the team.

Record Breaking for Inter Girls

It was a record breaking day for the Inter Girls in the first round of the ESAA Track and Field Cup. Their third place finish overall has allowed the team to progress to the Regional A Meet at Julie Rose Stadium on Monday 18 June. A top performance there will see the team moving on to the National Final in July. The years of dedication to their technique and fitness has truly started to pay off for this group of talented athletes.

Amy has continued her domination in athletics by amassing 49 total points, the most of any Caterham athlete. She recorded 25 points in the 100m with a time of 13.1s and 24 points in the triple jump with a distance of 10.27m. Not to be outdone, newcomer to the team, Lauren, tied for the single best performance of the day with her 9.46m shot put which earned 25 points. Her leg in the relay earned the team 16 points which gave her 41 points in total. Other top performances were earned by Georgie who achieved 39 points in the 300m and triple jump, both new events to her this season, Olivia with 37 points who has continued to be consistently excellent in the hurdles and high jump, Taylor who recorded 32 points in the 200m and relay and finally Anna who scored 31 points in the 800m and long jump.

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