French Escape Room Experience for First Years

French Escape Room Experience for First Years

It was all hands-on deck for the final event of the year for The French Junior Club, ‘Les Petits Filous’.

Thanks to the expert advice from the Science and History departments and fabulous input from the Drama team to create an awesome Escape room experience, 20 very excited First Year pupils equipped with a “French passport”, a pen and their iPad gathered in the foyer of the Humphreys Theatre ready to start their French adventure through time and history. They faced challenges going from room to room, from Prehistoric times- where pupils had to use their French knowledge of vocabulary for animals and food, to the Norman Conquest where they had to translate into French a letter left for Guillaume Le Conquérant and find, with LED lamps, French words written in invisible ink. They then arrived in Madame Marie Curie’s lab where challenges involved figuring out how to switch on a magic electrical circuit using colours in French, looking into microscopes, mixing some chemistry solutions to find an unidentified chemical solution, all of it “en Français “ of course. The last room featured a futuristic décor with sound effects where QR codes gave them access to more challenges linked to recognising French towns, rivers and more food as well as dealing with some tricky French tongue twisters. All these challenges led them to identify a code for a safe where they could collect their reward, if they had managed to crack the code with the help of Marcus C our “fantastique” Upper Sixth French pupil and President of the French Society.

Bravo to “les Petits Filous” for taking part in this adventure and “un grand merci” to the staff that made this wonderful adventure possible.

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