Head of Year Awards

Head of Year Awards

This week saw the return of the Head of Year Award.  Within the First, Second and Third Year recipients receive a ‘golden ticket’ entitling them, and a friend, to priority lunch for one week.  Well done all.

Brodie (First Year) – was given the first Head of Year award for ‘putting herself out there’. She stepped up to be captain in netball, something which required bravery and confidence in front of her peers. She came through the experience having learned more about what she can achieve and rewarded by the fact that she made a success of it too!

Jake (Second Year) has been nominated by several members of staff for his work ethic and good standard of work.Ade (Third Year) was nominated by his English teacher for being an all-round friendly, polite and positive role model. He takes the time to say hello to his teachers and all pupils he passes every day, and is always smiley and delightful!

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