Heads of House Announced

Heads of House Announced

An important moment in the school year for any house is when the pupil Heads of House are announced. The students who take up these roles play an essential job in terms of helping to foster house spirit and participation.  

Mr Todd, Head of Lewisham says: “I rely on my Heads of House. They are role models for the younger pupils and key to getting teams together.” Ms Smith, Head of Ridgefield, agrees. “I think it is one of the most exciting and responsible roles a senior student can have. They shape the house for the next year.”  

Ollie and Emma of Newington both agreed that the appointment was very special to them. “There is no job description as such and it is up to us to define how best to make a success of the role. We are very excited” 

The pupil Heads of House for this academic year are: 

Aldercombe: Amelie and Louie  

Beech Hanger: Sharon 

Newington: Emma and Ollie  

Ridgefield: Elias and Katie  

Underwood: Theo and Lara  

Harestone: Josh and Poppy  

Lewisham: Reuben and Elena  

Viney: Enzo


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