House Competition Heats Up

House Competition Heats Up

The Return of House Competition

It has been a delight to see house competitions back in action over the last two weeks after the enforced absence of this hugely important area of school life. Mr Todd has been running the ever popular inter house badminton after school and, so far, the junior girls, junior boys and senior boys have played. As ever there was a very wide range of abilities on show from those pupils who demonstrated some fearsome talent with racket and shuttlecock to those for whom it was the first time on the court. Of course, it is this very mix of experience that makes house competition what it is: unpredictable and great fun. Wonderfully, pupils showed that house spirit is just as strong as ever it was before lockdown and our new pupils all entered into the matches with the right mix of healthy competition and a sense of fun. 

Congratulations to the Boarders, Aldercombe and Harestone for winning the Senior Boys, Junior Boys and Junior Girls respectively. Huge thanks to Mr Todd as well for running such a popular event.



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