House Maths; A Nail Biting Number Cruncher

House Maths; A Nail Biting Number Cruncher

House maths took place on Wednesday after school. An exciting and challenging competition, all the pupils got really into it, and did very well for themselves.

The first round was a simple list of questions that could be approached in any order. The boarders secured an early lead here with Lewisham and Aldercombe hot on their heels.

The second round was a shuttle round where each team was split into pairs with the answer from one pair’s question allowing the other pair to tackle their question. Bonuses were awarded for speedy answers here so the pressure was on especially in the second shuttle which proved to be much more challenging. At the end of this round the boarders were still in the lead but Harestone shot forward to overtake Aldercombe and Lewisham.

The third round was more open-ended. Each team was given a cross number to solve. One pair was given the across clues and one was given the down clues and they had to work together (with minimal communication) to solve the whole thing.

When the dust had settled, the boarders had held on to their lead with Lewisham and Harestone tied for second place. Well done to everybody that took part and many thanks to the Sixth Form helpers. Many thanks to Dr Kemp for taking on the running of this very popular event.

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