I Just Want to Get Out!!

I Just Want to Get Out!!

A whole world is just waiting to be explored but all I can see is my garden. The Summer of Code is back and this time it’s more relevant than ever. This is your chance to dream of distant shores, exotic cultures and worlds yet to be discovered. Could you create a game in Scratch to take us on an adventure around the Earth? How about making a VR game in Unity which sees us navigating the wonders of the universe? Or even help bring distant cultures to life on our table tops using AR Kit? We need story tellers and graphic artists as well as coders.  

Like the idea but don’t have the skills? Everyone starts somewhere and this could be just the opportunity for you. This is open to all ages, all interests and all levels of experience. A room has been setup on Microsoft Teams where you can chat, share ideas and help each other discover passions you never knew you had.  

Email neil[email protected] or [email protected].uk now so we can help launch your voyage into the unknown. 

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