I25 Recognises Caterham as UK Leader & Influencer in Wellbeing

I25 Recognises Caterham as UK Leader & Influencer in Wellbeing

We are delighted to announce that Caterham and Mrs Sarah Griffiths received the i25 award for wellbeing earlier this week.  The i25 awards recognise the independent sector’s leading influencers and innovators who have made an impact in some way. To receive an award the recipient must have had a measurable positive impact on children and/or independent education in the UK and their work be replicable in other schools.

This award follows Caterham being the only local school, and indeed the first UK school, to receive the National Children’s Bureau Wellbeing Award for Schools in 2019.   

The i25 award not only recognises the outstanding work of Mrs Griffiths and the wellbeing programme at Caterham School, but also the impact Mrs Griffiths’ work has had nationally through supporting other schools and educational organisations to prioritise and establish effective wellbeing.

Typically generous in spirit, upon receiving the award Mrs Griffiths said: “This is a great honour, but wellbeing only truly works when it is a team effort and that is what this award recognises for me. Our principle for wellbeing is that we are all in this together – so I share this award with the staff and pupil community here.

She added: “One of my own measures of success is how our pupils, and particularly our student wellbeing ambassadors, have helped lead the support for pupils through 2020’s challenging times for young people. To hear your own words and see your approach reflected back by the pupils is a wonderful moment and a key indicator.”

Today’s i25 award recognising wellbeing will join a growing collection here at Caterham, which each reflect a different area of expertise, dedication and excellence.


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