‘Identity’ Photography Competition

‘Identity’ Photography Competition

Entry to this year’s Cat Among the Pigeons Photography Competition is now open to all pupils. A fantastic opportunity to have your photographs published in the school Arts magazine! 

To enter, take up to three images that convey the theme of Identity, this doesn’t have to be a portrait but can be anything that shows identity – an object, a still life or even a landscape! 

You can also use image editing software such as Photoshop to alter these images. Images must be taken by pupils themselves, and not include any images found online in the edits. GCSE and A Level pupils must not submit any photographs that are part of their coursework.

Email entries (clearly stating name and tutor group) should be sent to Miss Troughton – [email protected]. Entries close on the 1 December and a winner will be selected from each category (Juniors, Inters, Seniors). Winning images will be published in this year’s Cat Among the Pigeons magazine!

Good Luck! We’re really looking forward to seeing your images! 

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