Inspiring Improv

Inspiring Improv

This year, all houses created original pieces of drama incorporating specific items given to them – a hat, an inflatable object and a slightly bizarre phrase.

We were taken on a journey through fairy tales and witches, Asda shopping trips and evil inflatable monkeys. Once again our directors used their vivid imagination to create surreal, unpredictable but exciting plotlines.

Our judges were two experienced performers and directors; Jane Maisey and Catherine Blundell. This year’s winners were Harestone for the fourth year in a row with a journey into a world of sinister frogs. Ridgefield came a very close second. Ella and Zoe were awarded best actors, while Flora was awarded most amusing moment as she persisted in prowling the stage with her inflatable monkey until the rest of the cast remembered their lines.

Well done to all houses and congratulations on another enjoyable drama event.

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