Intermediate Maths House Challenge

Intermediate Maths House Challenge

Congratulations to all 28 participants (7 teams of 4) in the second ever Intermediate House Maths Challenge. The boarders took an early lead in the group round. Newington won the cross number round (where opposite pairs do either the across or down clues, and no communication between pairs is allowed). In the shuttle round (where answers are passed from one pair to the other and needed to unlock the next question), Newington and Boarders tied.

In the end, the boarders’ early lead proved unassailable, but congratulations to all houses for submitting full teams and to all the participants for their enthusiasm and focus.

Thanks also to all the Sixth Formers and staff who helped run the event. Analysis of results and trends suggest that next year, Newington is the favourite to win…..”

Final standings

7: Aldercombe (43 points)

6: Harestone (60 points)

5: Ridgefield (65 points)

4:Underwood (77 points)

3:Lewisham (81 points)

2:Newington (105 points)

1: Boarders (124 points0

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