Internet Safety: Where to find reliable information

Internet Safety: Where to find reliable information

In February, PC Sarah Adams, our Schools Liaison Officer gave assemblies to pupils in 1st to 5th years about keeping themselves safe online. She outlined what constitutes safe content when it comes to sharing images.

Unfortunately, not everything is so clear-cut. Following the recent news of the online challenge hoax Momo and the worrying YouTube Kids issues, it is no wonder that parents feel frustrated and puzzled when trying to ascertain what is safe online and what is not. Scaremongering in the media can also be particularly unhelpful and do more harm than good.

Thankfully, there are plenty of reliable resources available online for parents and teachers to establish what is safe for young people online and what might need careful consideration.

Please see links below for useful, up-to-date information on online safety.

Online Safety Alerts – Think Before you Scare


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