Investment Club

Investment Club

Earlier this year, the Business & Economics department launched the inaugural  “Investment Club”. Meeting weekly, the large group of Fourth and Fifth Year pupils have been learning the basics of investing and trading, while gaining insight into the world of finance, as well as discussing how markets are performing – something that has been particularly interesting in the current political and economic climate. 

This week they welcomed former Chief Investment Officer to a large insurance firm, Paul Dixon, as a guest speaker. Paul gave a fantastic presentation on an “Introduction to Finance and Investing”, where the pupils learned about various investment instruments as well as the concepts of risk, return and diversifying portfolios.

Since the start of the club, members have also been participating in a virtual stock exchange simulation, competing to make the most amount of return by trading stocks over several weeks. The leaderboard has been changing weekly but after some tense competition, this week was the finale and congratulations go to Freddie C in the Fourth Year who was the overall winner. In fact it was a clean sweep for the Fourth Year, with Darryl W taking second and Kirill P third.

Well done all and we hope to welcome Investment Club back in Autumn.

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