IRP – Intermediate Results 2019

IRP – Intermediate Results 2019

The results of the second annual Intermediate Independent Research Prize were announced last week. This competition seeks to open up the Sixth Form IRP’s opportunities for intellectual exploration to pupils in the Fourth and Fifth Years. Entrants choose their own research title from any area of academia, prepare and compile an essay or project over the summer holidays and submit the fruits of their labour for assessment by Caterham staff.

A very encouraging 28 pupils (twice as many as last year) entered the competition with projects ranging from North Korea to Aristotle’s Poetics, from veganism to impressionism. It is no platitude to say that the standard was remarkably high and the task of choosing a small group of finalists from so strong a field was an unenviable task for the team of staff coralled into sharing the responsibility. Several very fine projects were “Commended” or “Highly Commended”, but only those adjudged the best three were invited to present their work at the Senior IRP evening last week. Seemingly undaunted by the occasion, Michelle (Fifth Year) gave an extraordinarily lucid and detailed account of xenotransplantation, while Alex (Fourth Year) made some seriously high-level mathematics comprehensible to all as he discussed Game Theory.

The winner of the Intermediate IRP 2019, however, was Ananya (Fifth Year), whose essay and presentation on the theme of “home” in refugee literature showed scholarly endeavour and analytical dexterity well beyond her years. Well done to Ananya, and to all her peers who volunteered to spend their summer holidays on their own independent intellectual journeys.

A full list of entrants and awards can be foundhere

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