ISI Inspection – Exceptional Report

ISI Inspection – Exceptional Report

We are delighted to share the Independent Schools Inspectorate report following their inspection earlier this term. I am delighted that this recent inspection reaffirms our position as one of the top co-educational day and boarding schools in England, with the inspectors awarding the highest grading to the academic and other achievements at Caterham School.

The stand out headlines are that ‘the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent’ and that ‘the quality of the pupils’ personal achievements is excellent.’ These are the two areas in which judgements are reached and ‘excellent’ is the highest grading that can be achieved. Caterham was recognised as a school where ‘pupils thrive in an environment which is safe and supportive, which promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle, both in physical and emotional terms.’ The Inspectors also found that the school is compliant in every aspect of all the regulatory requirements as they apply to independent schools and to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

I do hope you find time to read the report in full. Not only does it capture the fantastic development, progress and achievement of our pupils, it also describes a school we can all be proud of; a school which places ambition, achievement and wellbeing at the heart of pupil experience, a strong and purposeful community which is supportive and nurturing and a school which is fully committed to providing an education for life and ensuring that all pupils achieve, thrive and succeed in their own individual and diverse ways. 

ISI Inspection report highlights:

 “Pupils display an excellent attitude to their work and are fully engaged and purposeful in all that they do in school….Pupils demonstrate a very high order of subject knowledge and understanding, working both independently and collaboratively…Strong progress was evident in the work scrutiny of all years and in individual lessons…”

“This outstanding pastoral provision creates a healthy environment in which pupils can develop as individuals and are in a strong position to achieve their best.”

“Pupils thrive in an environment that is very safe and supportive, which promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle, both in physical and emotional terms.”

“Pupils enjoy and benefit hugely from the outstanding co-curricular programme organised by the school, leading to significant achievement, as individuals and as groups.”

“Pupils engage fully and successfully in the life of the school, participating in a range of committees and taking responsibility for their personal development.”

“Pupils benefit considerably from their excellent relationships with staff. This promotes confidence in the pupils and in turn leads them on to experiment with new ideas without fear of being wrong. They thrive in a climate where the philosophy is that mistakes are an opportunity to learn.”

“The quality of their creative and aesthetic work is outstanding, as heard in the very high level of musicianship in rehearsals, and seen in the variety of accomplished artwork on display through the school. The creativity of the pupils is supported by the excellent facilities and resources provided by the leadership and management of the school.”

“Pupils’ use of technology in their learning is widespread and effective, reflecting the school’s investment in new learning.”

“Pupils display a high level of commitment and achievement in their sport…The high level of pupils’ achievement is evident. There are 17 competitive sports on offer and a large majority of pupils have represented the school in this way. There are notable successes at both individual and team level.”

“Pupils demonstrate study skills of a very high order and are very confident in their work. They display strong evidence of independent learning, seen in the range of research projects undertaken pupils of all ages.“

“Pupils achieve considerable success in a wide range of activities and benefit significantly from the remarkably strong co-curricular programme…The excellent quality of the activities is seen across the school.”

“Pupils have a strong moral code and accept that their behaviour will affect others….In all this they are guided effectively by the outstanding wellbeing programme in the school which has become an inherent part of the ethos.”

“Strong collaboration can be seen in the house system and in the manner in which pupils view the school as one inclusive community, again promoted by the wellbeing programme.”

“Pupils know the value of leading healthy lives and appreciate fully the importance of having robust physical and emotional health. “


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