Join the Audience for our First TEDxYouth Event

Join the Audience for our First TEDxYouth Event

On Tuesday 11 May we will be hosting our first TEDx event.

A TEDxYouth event is a fully-loaded TEDx event, but has young people as its core. The speakers are talking to young people and have them in mind when shaping their own talks. For our own event, all of our speakers are also young people, talking directly to those that they know and understand. They are sharing their thoughts, wisdom and experiences of the world, using the TEDx format to engage with a wide and diverse audience across our own community and beyond. 

We will be live-streaming the event from our website (details of which will follow next week) so that you can join in with the rest of the school community and hear the stories our speakers have to tell. Everyone that speaks is 18 years old or under and has designed their own talk to engage and inspire their audience. Our theme of Identity and Innovation means that you will hear a broad range of ideas, as varied as the influence of South African philosophy on our lives, to the way the internet is shaping who we are.

Our pupils have been instrumental in every aspect of this event, from designing the stage, to mentoring other pupils; it has been an impressive thing to see coming together.

We look forward to sharing the full programme with you next week, along with details of how to be part of the audience in this exciting first for Caterham School.

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