Land of Ice and Fire

Land of Ice and Fire

Geography Expedition

Over the Summer 39 intrepid Geographers and 5 staff travelled almost to the Arctic Circle to visit one of the most fascinating geological, glacial and tectonic places on the Earth.  ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’ is a physical geographer’s paradise and the students were constantly in awe of the majestic power shown by the planet here.

The trip included crossing ‘The Bridge Between 2 Continents’, visiting and walking behind waterfalls, trekking across the Langjokull glacier (complete with crampons and ice-axes), climbing the dormant Eldfell Volcano in the Westmann Islands, swimming in the Secret Lagoon and being amazed by the awesome Strokkur Geyser.

All in all, a breathtaking tour that gave many students the opportunity to experience the world in a way they would never perhaps have thought possible.  Roll on the next trip in 2021!

S J Terrell

Head of Geography

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