LaxCats on Regional and International Stage

LaxCats on Regional and International Stage

Over the Easter holidays Caterham continued to have a high level of lacrosse representation at international and regional level. 

The 16th and 17th April saw the return of Home Internationals, as well as the annual regional academy tournament. Huge congratulations to all girls involved, this was the highest level of representation that the school has had internationally and regionally in a very long time, which is testament to the hard work that the players put it over the season and during their own time. 

Congratulations to all those representing at Home Internationals: G. Alcock representing England U21, I. Lack and J. Lomas representing Wales U21. M. Swan and E. Shipsey, representing England U18, L. Golesworthy, T. Golesworthy and I.S. Young representing Wales U18. Finally, to 2 Old Cats representing Wales seniors, congratulations to R. Lack and K. Galvin. Congratulations to those representing at the regional academy tournament:  H. Lowe, C. Pay and I. Hurley who represented London South U18, and to L. Lomas, J. Cooper, D. Bance, S. Wintle, T. Challier, A. Paul, E. Tagg, E. Norman and J. Lowe who all represented London South U15’s as well. 

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