Leatherhead Drama Festival

Leatherhead Drama Festival

Caterham performers took a fantastic six shows to the Leatherhead Drama Festival this year!  Our talented young casts filled two full days of the junior festival.

On Tuesday 8 May, Caterham Junior Rep performed Campton’s challenging ensemble play Us and Them.  This was a difficult piece requiring incredible teamwork and focus.  The adjudicator praised their performance skills, use of stage space and creativity in presenting a range of characters.  Two original plays followed; Liberty written by Sanjana Idnani and The Waiting Game by Lucas Ashton.  Both plays were entirely pupil written and focused on complex psychological concepts. 

On Wednesday 9 May, our Junior and Young Rep groups presented three original plays!  Destiny presented the struggles of a young carer, through the perspective of those around her.  Absent focused on our individual responsibility for the welfare of others. It encouraged the audience to think about what they would do in the characters situations.  Next Stop was written by Caitlin and presented an insight into the characters’ lives who meet daily on a train journey. 

Huge thanks to Callum who once again supported our productions with his technical expertise. 

I was incredibly proud of all our writers and performers.  Their commitment to the rehearsal process and professionalism within the theatre was outstanding. 

We are delighted to be returning to Leatherhead Theatre on Saturday 19 May for the Awards Presentation.  Caterham Rep achieved a number of special mentions and nominations.

Special mentions for outstanding performance:  Krishan, Joshua and Edward


Best actress nomination: Grace

New writing nominations: Absent, Destiny and The Waiting Game


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