Les Petit Filous Celebrate King’s Day

 Les Petit Filous Celebrate King’s Day

Les Petits Filous, the French Junior Club, had a delicious moment this week, celebrating Kings’ Day. French people celebrate Kings’ Day by eating a cake “La galette des rois” or “Le gateau des rois” It’s traditional to hide a small charm in the cake (called ‘la fève’).  When it is time to “tirer les rois” (to divide the cake) the person who finds the ‘fève’ in their slice is the King or the Queen for the day. Another fun tradition, when the cake is divided, is that the youngest person present has to sit under the table to decide to whom and in which order the slices of cake should be distributed.

Our petits filous made their own crown and talked about how Kings’ Day is celebrated in France. They decided who would go under the table to “tirer les Rois”.  Everyone was looking forward to find out who would be King or Queen and of course to taste Le gâteau des rois ET la galette des rois. Caitlin M. 3M very kindly helped with cutting and handing out the cake, all in French of course. A big thank you to Lara P. And Pearl G. 1T for making beautiful posters to advertise the French Junior Club.

More delicious celebrations to come with “La Chandeleur” next.

A bientôt les Petits Filous!



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