Lower Sixth Maths in Action

Lower Sixth Maths in Action

Friday 18 November saw 22 of our eager Lower Sixth mathematicians embark on a journey to the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster for the ‘Maths in Action’ lectures on a wide variety of fascinating and relevant topics, providing an insight into the innovative uses of maths. Sara Jabbari, a Birmingham University Lecturer, described the way mathematics is applied to fight disease through forming and solving complex differential equations which can then be used to understand antibiotic resistance, track the dynamics of bacterial infections, and help to develop new drugs, an ever-increasing necessity. Next Cantabrigian Matthew Scroggs, UCL lecturer, calculated and proved the shortest possible route to complete a Pac-Man level, and applied map projections such as Mercator and Craig retroazimuthal onto the videogame ‘Asteroids’ to create map-accurate versions of the game, which volunteers were able to test. The postmeridian lectures began with Katie Steckles, Mathematician and Communicator, who brought us back in time to experience the creation of crucial mathematical methods and demonstrate the lack of representation the creators endured because of societal views on women and minority races. Afterwards we ventured into the world of economics where Sophie Maclean, Mathematician and Communicator, explained in depth the statistics and probability behind predicting the stock market, and gave an introduction into the world of finance. Then in the final lecture Nicole Cozens, Maths Educator, explored the mathematical solutions to questions asked about space, however obvious the answers now seem, and showed that even the likes of Sir Isaac Newton made erroneous assumptions and calculations about the universe. A terrific way to end a brilliant trip!

Thanks to Mr Griffiths and Dr Langdon for accompanying us on the trip.

Jack F (Lower Sixth Form)

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