Lunchtime Live

Lunchtime Live

Wednesday saw the start of the new Lunchtime Live 2019/20 series. We were treated to a superb range of repertoire with pupils from the First Year up to the Lower Sixth Form.

Charlie T, Tanaiya P and Stanley S all have their debut Caterham School performances and have already set the bar very high through their wonderfully prepared and musical vocal performances. Alec G, of the Second Year, performed Send in the Clowns on the Trombone with delicacy and subtlety. Finally, Raife N and Kristy L, whom are both Fifth Year pupils, performed on the piano with both panache and sensitivity.

The Lunchtime Live series is an informal concert series which occurs each half term. Any pupil who learns an instrument or singing inside or outside of the school is both welcome and encouraged to get involved. For more information please speak to one of the music department staff.

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