Lunchtime Live Music Showcase

Lunchtime Live Music Showcase

On Tuesday we had the first Lunchtime Live of 2018; it was fantastic to have such a range of different repertoire – there was something for everyone!

Olivia (Fifth Year) gave a sublime duet performance of Lloyd-Webber’s Pie Jesu with Mrs Alison Duguid (Visiting Music Teacher). William performed on the piano, which was his first pianistic performance at Caterham School. Cyrus performed a song from Mr Brian Hill’s musical, “Bruce Lee, The Musical”. Morgann and Nathan performed a superb acoustic performance of Black and Gold. Finally, I would like to thank Kaitlyn for her wonderful performance of Aroutiounian’s Aria et Scherzo on the trumpet – it was a great success and the variety of tone and musical detail were testament to her musicianship.

Lunchtime Live concerts are open for anybody who would like to showcase their music. This is not limited to classical repertoire. If your child has lessons outside of school, please do ask them to get involved as it is a friendly and informal opportunity to perform and share music. Should you have any questions relating to Lunchtime Live, please get in touch with Mr Hall or Mr Hill in the music department.

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