Masked Theatre Club

Masked Theatre Club

For the past few weeks, Masked Theatre Club have been meeting in the Art Department to learn how to make our own theatre masks, under guidance from Miss Taylor and Mr Kingscott.  

Last term, we learned all about the different styles of theatre masks and got to try lots of different styles of performance. But this term it was time to put all these skills to the test.  

We started by making mask shapes using modroc (if you’ve ever had a broken arm, it’s the material that the plaster cast is made from). We then added interesting expressions such as big eyebrows, wrinkles, pouty lips and one (very) long nose. Then we painted the masks and added colour using sharpies to finish.  

Next week, we will get to try them on in the Drama classroom, to see if they can be used to make some interesting characters! Keep your eyes peeled and you might just catch these homemade masks in future Drama performances! 

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