Master Castle Builder Writes

Master Castle Builder Writes

Our original task was to make a model of a Norman castle. It was an optional task, but there was a prize for best entry and it could be made out of anything.… 

Rochester Castle is my nearest proper Norman castle so I chose that one as it’s good to do things you can see in real life. First of all, I visited Rochester Castle which gave me some inspiration to think about what else there was to it, not just the castle. So I included a motte and bailey in my model.  The secret of the model was to use an upside down mixing bowl to create the motte, before covering it in grass.  It wasn’t a smooth process, I was going to use polystyrene for the motte but that didn’t work out well, so I had to have a think.  It was a great half term project and I really recommend trying it. What I did not think about was whether my castle would fit through the doors at school, as it ended up being quite big, but it survived the perilous journey to Mr Hosking’s classroom. 

Shaily R (First Year) Winning ‘Castle Builder’ 


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