Maths in Action Study Day

Maths in Action Study Day

Mathematicians from the Fourth Year traveled to the Emmanuel Centre in London to take part in a Mathematics in Action study day.  They joined students from many other schools to enjoy a variety of lectures about different aspects of Maths.  All the speakers were practicing mathematicians and it was interesting to hear about maths being used in lots of different areas.

The talk on ‘lateral thinking’ was particularly enjoyable because it made us think in different ways and view problems from different perspectives.  We were given problems that challenged our way of thinking.

Other speakers linked maths and science and showed the range of available potential careers.  The enigma code-breaking talk linked maths back to its historical past and the speaker talked about how the maths they used during the Second World War is still relevant in our online society, which is only possible because of encryption. Thank you to Mr Ogilvie, Mr Todd and Mrs Pearce for taking us on this enjoyable trip.

Esther (Fourth year)

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