Medals Galore for UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

Medals Galore for UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

Congratulations to the 24 Upper Sixth and Lower Sixth pupils who achieved a gold medal in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, taken on 6 November by able pupils across the country, qualifying for the next round of the competition. Special congratulations to the nine of those who achieved qualifying scores for the prestigious and very difficult British Maths Olympiad (round 1). 25 pupils also achieved Silver medals and 12 bronze medals. Three Third and Fourth Year pupils also took the competition and achieved gold medals; a fantastic achievement!

The pupils who achieved gold and qualified for the BMO were Hanyang, Tommy,  Haley (all in the Upper Sixth), and Selina ,Harrison, Lucy, Leo, Rongqian, Mulang (all in the Lower Sixth). The pupils who achieved gold and qualified for the Senior Kangaroo were Ivan, Max, Marine, Anna, Jimmy, Honsum, Lucas, Oli (all in the Upper Sixth) and Roy, Guoqin, Howard, Thomas, Oliver, Billy and Anika in the Lower Sixth.

Finally, well done to Gracie (Fourth Year), and William and Alex (Third Year) for their gold in a competition aimed at Sixth Form.

The follow-on rounds are on the 30 November; in particular, those pupils who qualified for the BMO should start practising now!

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