Medics Mock Interviews

Medics Mock Interviews

On Monday evening this week, our hopeful medic and dentistry Upper Sixth Form pupils took part in virtual mock MMI interviews (multiple mini interviews) which many UK medical schools use as part of the selection process for their highly oversubscribed places. MMI’s involve a number of interview stations designed to assess the skills and strengths needed to make a successful doctor. Covering topics such medical ethics, insight into the NHS, data interpretation, personal attributes and teamwork skills. Prospective medics are subjected to a maximum five minutes at each station, where they can showcase their knowledge, curiosity and potential to a number of interviewers. This allows for a much broader assessment of each candidate than in a normal one to one interview.  

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the medical parents and Old Caterhamians who volunteered their time to support our pupils in this way. Your enthusiasm, honesty and willingness to take this on at a very busy time, is very much appreciated by all concerned. 

Mrs Clare Brown

Head of Careers

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