Moncrieff Jones Society – Lectures Begin

Moncrieff Jones Society – Lectures Begin

This week saw the launch of the 2020-21 season of lectures by The Moncrieff Jones Society with a stunning talk by Cyrus L on the extraordinary enzyme ATP synthase that provides the energy rich molecule that drives all living things.   Alex R, President of the MJS said: “The season promises to be one of the best ever considering the quality of the speakers and the enthusiasm for their chosen topics.  It is also great to see some amazing talks from all three areas of Science – such a diverse programme is really exciting”.

The autumn season is as follows:

22/9/20: Cyrus L: “ATP synthase”

13/10/20: Esther K: “Symmetry in chemistry”

3/11/20: Will K: “Deep brain stimulation: current uses and future applications”

10/11/20: Maddie A: “Gene Regulation and Epigenetics”

24/11/20: Ben E: “Inflation and the multiverse”

1/12/20: Louie S: “The effects of dopamine on the brain”

Mr Quinton, Head of Science, said “We have battled and overcome technical challenges to try to retain the live feel of the society which is so important.  The Upper Sixth are delivering the lecture live up in the Biology labs, and while the Lower Sixth are in another lab watching it live and asking questions via the chat function on Teams.   It is great that we can continue the work of this amazing society in spite of limitations imposed by Covid 19”

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