Music Scholars’ Concert

Music Scholars’ Concert

On Tuesday our talented scholars gave a variety of fantastic performances at the annual Scholars’ Concert. The concert opened with some Gabrielli which was performed by the Senior Brass Ensemble; the musicality that this ensemble is demonstrating this year is astounding to say the least and it is very exciting seeing them develop.

Sophie, Jae, Philip and Alice, all from the First Year, gave their solo debuts at Caterham School and it goes without saying that they have made a sensational impact already!

The music department staff would like to thank the Piano Trio members: Natalie, Anna and Isaac, and Kaitlyn and Oliver who were in the Senior Brass Ensemble who are all in their final year at the school. All of whom have been true ambassadors for music at Caterham School and given so much to a variety of different musical events, ensembles and people.

Congratulations to all for giving such an awe inspiring set of performances, Bravo!

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