Musical Talent at Live Lounge

Musical Talent at Live Lounge

Our bi-annual Live Lounge, featuring soloists, our Swing Band and the wonderful Fifth Year band Lost Ambition was a highly enjoyable evening for all displaying great talent from our pupils. Live Lounge is our open-mic/acoustic musical evening where pupils choose their own pieces to perform.

Swing Band kicked off proceedings with three fantastic jazz standards in their debut performance at Caterham, with brilliant solos from Fraser Z (Lower Sixth), Ammara K (Lower Sixth) and James W (Lower Sixth). Our soloists included pupils from the First Year to the Upper Sixth, all of whom performed with confidence and musicality. Particular highlights included Melissa T (Fourth Year) with a beautiful performance of ‘So Near, So Far’, Julie A (Fifth Year) with her haunting rendition of ‘No Time to Die’, Lola D (Upper Sixth) with a stunning version of ‘Skinny Love’, Poppy R and Oliver J (First Year) with their fabulous version of ‘Crazy’, Hannah B (Upper Sixth) with her captivating performance of ‘Million Years Ago’ and Anna D (Upper Sixth) with her moving rendition of ‘Ordinary World’ to name but a few.

Lost Ambition, Fifth Year band, played out the evening with an absolutely fantastic set of classic tracks including ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and ‘Paint it Black’, which had the audience on their feet and pupils dancing around the theatre.

Congratulations to all performers for a wonderful evening of live music.

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