Netball Report

Netball Report

Netball Report

Netball Saturdays do not come around all that often (most of our netball is played mid-week) and so when they do, they really do feel very special.

We always say to the girls that, no matter the outcome of a match, the most important thing is to have fun. Sport, first and foremost, is there to be enjoyed. To win is a fantastic feeling! And to lose may not always feel good. No matter the result, there are always whole host of positives to be found, whether that was having the time of your life on the coach, enjoying a fantastic match tea, taking the interception of your dreams, or throwing yourself into the GA position having never shot before and finding out that you are actually pretty good at it (yes, YOU, Eva!).

Our Saturday block fixture against Hurstpierpoint was a massive test for us. We were delighted to be able to put out ABC teams right through from U12 up to U16, as well as three senior teams. Against the strength and depth of Hurst – with their three afternoons per week of netball at every age group, and their ability to put out teams A to G! – we knew that every turnover, every rebound, every successful centre pass, and every goal would be precious.

Most of the matches ended in rather resounding defeats. However, after a delicious pasty had been enjoyed in tea and we were heading back to the bus to begin our journey home, there was nothing but smiles on the faces of our girls. When asked if they had enjoyed it, the answer was a resounding YES! As well as it being a relief to know that our girls are resilient enough to get beaten, but to still walk away full of the joys of netball, it is also incredibly heart-warming. The buzz on the coach on the way home filled us NetCats’ coaches with a huge sense of pride.

Try as I might to sum up the efforts of our girls, I am no match for our head of English, Mr Crombie, who took our 3rd VII under his wing and ensured that the girls went home having had the time of their lives, despite a rather resounding loss. His match report – which I believe could actually be a report of any one of our teams who left it all out there on the court last Saturday – can be found below.

Huge congratulations to the U13 A&B VII for winning their matches, as well as to the 2nd VII for their 30-30 thriller of a draw!

On a chilly late-January morning, the mighty 3rd VII descended upon Hurstpierpoint looking to pick up another win on the road. A strong looking team on paper were met by a strong looking team in person – the average height of the opposition standing at least five inches above the determined away side.

The first quarter was certainly dominated by the home side as we struggled to shake off the infamous ‘bus legs’ and the girls could have been forgiven for letting their heads drop after this. 

But that did not happen. 

Arise the passion; arise the endeavour – the mighty girls of the thirds were not to be beaten (except by the final score). The team emerged a different animal – Mollie and Maddie were electric in front of goal; the two Georgies were dynamic and devastating; the determination of Katia, the vision of Solyana, and the dependability and poise of Abbie saw the team really shake things up and unsettle the opposition, just when they were at their most comfortable. But, nothing could have prepared Hurst for the savagery of Michaela Swayne. Although she was pulled up for fouling over fifty times, she was not to be deterred – like a rabid leopard she clawed at the helpless ball, intercepting and moving, dominating and destroying (and obviously apologising constantly whilst doing it). While we may not have made many friends on the court, we certainly won the admiration of the crowd. 

No one messes with this team of heroes. 

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