OC Lecture: Fake News and Cambridge Analytica

OC Lecture: Fake News and Cambridge Analytica

One of the driving forces behind the expose of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal, Stephen Colegrave OC returned to his old school to provide a fascinating insight into one of the biggest stories of the year.  In a fascinating lecture Stephen explain the current climate of fake news and the decline of investigative journalism – noting that most well-known super hero stories usually feature an investigative hack aiding the fight against evil! 

Stephen is co-founder of Byline.com which supports investigative journalists in addition to promoting the career and running a festival each August in the Ashdown Forest. In 2018 the Festival was supported by John Cleese and Alexei Sayle and band Pussy Riot.

With the Cambridge Analytica story still playing out on both sides of the Atlantic, we will continue to watch with interest and greater insight following Friday’s lecture.

This was the first Caterham School Society Bonarjee Lecture, held in memory of notable former pupil and benefactor Stephen Bonarjee who created Radio 4’s Today programme, ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ during his time as the ‘father of modern radio’ at the BBC. The Bonarjee Lecture will be held each autumn concentrating on the topics free speech and democracy.

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