Piano Recital

Piano Recital

On Tuesday evening the school hosted the annual Piano Recital. The concert commenced with a refined, energetic and musical performance of Mozart’s Piano Sonata for Four-Hands, KV. 497 by Kristy (Fourth Year) and Elaine (Fifth Year). It is the first time in the recent history of the school that a duet of this magnitude has been attempted, let alone it being performed solely by the pupils. Ayla (First Year) and Sebastian (Second Year) both performed a lyrical piece, Blue Yonder together and played with both delicately and sensitivity.

A number of the performers in the recital gave debut performances – it was such a treat to see some of the superb potential Caterham School’s pianists have. Pupils who gave debut performances were: Kristy (Fourth Year), Alex (Third Year), Keanu (Fourth Year), Valarie (Third Year), Rhian (First Year), Ayla (First Year), Aiden (First Year), Bryan (Third Year) and Annie (Lower Sixth Form).

It’s always an absolute privilege to work with such talented musicians; all performers performed wonderfully with both musicianship and technical brilliance. A special mention must go to Annie (Lower Sixth Form); her performance of the Allegro Assai movement of Beethoven’s Appassionata sonata was enthralling. The technical mastery, dexterous finger work and musical and lyrical sensitivity was sublime and at a level that is rarely seen from a pupil of her age. The fact that the audience were unable to stop clapping is testament to the astounding standard of this performance.

I am incredibly proud of all pupils who performed this week. If any pupils would like to perform more or get more involved in musical life / piano-related chamber music, please come and speak to a member of the music department.

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