Pianoforte Recital

Pianoforte Recital

The annual pianoforte recital on Tuesday was an absolute delight. Hero, Yvonne and Elaine all performing a movement each of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata. Hero demonstrating fantastic stamina throughout the first movement, Yvonne playing with delicacy and Elaine with drive and vigour – it was a fantastic performance! Lily and Lucy gave a performance of Mi a ou from Faure’s Dolly Suite. Their duo skills are absolutely superb; the balance of sound and clarity was excellent.

Louis’ performance of Merikanto’s Valse Lente was exceptionally musical and emotive throughout; the quality of sound, addition of rubato and melodic voicing was superb. Sahil gave a successful performance of Lazy Days by Wedgwood and he managed to capture the jazz style well. Morgann and William, both in the Fourth Year performed pieces by the South Korean piano sensation, Yiruma, both performing with delicacy and warmth. Jae of the First Year wowed the audience with his dexterous performance of Kuhlau’s Sonatine. The performance had excellent clarity, tone and sense of direction, and it was a delight to listen to.

It was then time for the first of two pieces of Chopin; Jeremy of the Third Year performed Chopin’s Waltz in B Minor. I would personally like to commend Jeremy on giving such a successful performance as he has not played the piano for some time and has revised an old piece in a short time span and also managed to give his first concert performance, moreover a solid performance in a new school, in a different country!

Lucy’s performance of Field’s Nocturne in D Minor was thoroughly sublime. The phrasing and sense of ‘musical line’ throughout the performance was beautiful and she clearly understood how Field wanted the melodic lines to be voiced and phrased.  Krystal of the Lower Sixth Form performed a relatively unknown Nocturne by Chopin; her tonal control, warm yet clear pedalling and dynamic range were just a few of several highlights of her performance.  Justin gave his first solo piano performance at Caterham School, performing a vigorous and rhythmical piece by Glover.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our final student performer, Natalie. Since her arrival at the school she has been a true inspiration to all pupils, musical or not. Her pianistic skills as amongst the best I have seen for someone of her age and her performance of the beautiful Schubert Impromptu on Tuesday was amongst one of the most refined, musical and emotional, yet controlled I have seen from someone of Natalie’s age. She performs with panache and commitment no matter what she plays and, on behalf of the music department, bravo and thank you!

Our own Mr Hall closed the concert with an astonishing performance of Beethoven’s famous Moonlight Sonata and Gershwin’s Embraceable You. These contrasting pieces showcased perfectly the diversity of the piano as an instrument and demonstrated to all present the result that can be achieved through hard work, passion and dedication.

Thanks must go to Mr Hall for organising this event and for continuously energising and promoting piano music in the school.

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