Record Medal Success at Biology Olympiad

Record Medal Success at Biology Olympiad

Based on the A-Level syllabus and built to push budding Biologists even further, the Biology Olympiad challenges and stimulates pupils with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents. It consists of two 45-minute online multiple-choice papers, taken under exam conditions, with questions ranging from the evolution of mammals and gel electrophoresis to the Krebs Cycle and the Hardy-Weinberg Principle.

The 24 pupils who took part in the competition this year consists of the top Biologists of our Upper Sixth cohort and passionate scientists alike. There were a record-breaking 18 medals, with 3 bronzes, 7 silvers and 8 golds – the most gold medals a year group has ever achieved in the history of Caterham Biology. Achieving Gold were Rosie H, Alex M, Michael W, Jason C, Brandon K, Rainis C, Ruby C, and Gleb I and placed them amongst the top 8% of all candidates who took part in the Olympiad nationwide.  Silver medals went to Izzy O, Bobby B, Fleur, Perlie T, Ivan Liu, Ollie van A, Mariella A and Bronze medals to Katie T, Jeremy C and Sharon GK

A particular highlight was the outstanding Lower Sixth pupil Alex M who took the Olympiad with the Upper Sixth and achieved a Gold Medal!

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