Regional Team Maths Challenge – Silver Position

Regional Team Maths Challenge – Silver Position

On Tuesday, 14 November the Senior Maths Team traveled to Holcombe Grammar School, to compete in the regional Team Maths Challenge competition. The team which comprised of Isaac, Thomas, Mandy and Hayley, arrived at school early to make the drive over towards Chatham. As part of the preparation we had a team meeting in Costa in Chatham and then made our way over to the School.

The first round was a set of ten questions which the team worked on together. The second round was the cross number round which is a basically a crossword with maths clues. Two of the pupils are given the across clues and the other two are given the down clues. The final round had sets of four questions with the pupils working in pairs where pupils needed the solution to the previous question to answer their own question. As defending champions, we were hopeful that we might do well again, and I am pleased to report that we came second only to a very strong team from the Judd School.

We are hopeful that as a high scoring runner-up we will still make the national final in London. It was a great day out and the pupils had a wonderful time. It was also interesting to hear the other teachers talking about the health of A Level mathematics in their school, and it seems that for many, they can only aspire to have the numbers and success of the Caterham maths department. 


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