Rory Selected as Youth MP

Rory Selected as Youth MP

Congratulations to Sixth Form pupil Rory who has been elected youth MP for Surrey, one of only 300 young people to hold the role across the UK.

Rory’s election to youth MP followed on from his selection as a Youth Councillor of Tandridge in the Surrey Youth Cabinet. The role will see him meet with MPs and Cabinet Ministers, in addition to attending meetings in the House of Commons, whilst representing young people from across the area.

Rory has been interested in politics since the Third Year at Caterham and his involvement both inside and outside the classroom as grown from there. Rory began his selection campaign by compiling a manifesto – a challenging task.

Said Rory: “I knew I had to be realistic but ambitious, and address the problems that face all young people across our region.  It is important to me that young people from all backgrounds and situations have a voice and are consulted on issues that direct affect their future. I am honoured to have been selected for this role and the Surrey Youth Cabinet (formerly named Youth Collective) is a great way that we can speak directly to policy makers and influencers to make sure young people’s voices are heard.

Broadly speaking, political education in our country is not strong and this impacts all of us. The Youth Cabinet is an excellent way of improving this situation and encouraging young people to get involved.”

In addition to his selection as youth MP, Rory is also the Youth Cabinet Minister for Education, covering the impact of education policy on young people.

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